Hot Water Maintenance

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Reliable Hot Water Maintenance

anode on gas hot water heater

To ensure you get the longest life out of your hot water system, here’s a list of some of the things we would advise. Alternatively, give our Reliable team a call on 1800 246 656 and we’ll provide efficient hot water maintenance services to your Melbourne premises.

What is an Anode?

An anode is a metal rod, normally made from aluminium or magnesium and coated in zinc, which hangs down inside your hot water tank.

How does the Anode Work?

Simply the Anode is a softer alloy than the cylinder so any corrosion will occur at the Anode and not your tank cylinder.

This Protection Works!

“The Anode installed in your water heater will slowly dissipate whilst protecting the cylinder” – Rheem Australia

Vision Statement

“To be recognised as the most effective Hot Water Unit Protection Company in Australia with a commitment to Excellence!”

Benefits of Anode protection

By replacing the Anode every 3-4 years or (as required), you will see the following benefits:

Servicing Melbourne

Upfront Pricing

Over 20 years experience

Friendly, professionals

24 Hour Emergency Support

No call out fees

Licensed Plumbers

Same day services

hot water maintenance

Did you know…

“Tank Corrosion is the main cause of Hot Water Unit failure”
– Energy Efficiency Victoria

How long will my Hot Water Unit last?

There are various factors which determine the length of life of your Hot Water Unit. Water quality, the Water Temperature, the “Anode” and the Water Pressure.

Mission Statement

“To Continue to supply the home owner with no risk or inconvenience by the best possible quality service, Knowledge, and technical advice. with adherence to the principals of honesty, integrity and ethical practices, we will maintain the reputation of a company who take pleasure in doing a job well done!”

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